First Look: SuperATV 5000lb Winch

The #XP3 build is all about reliability. Take my family and I far off the beaten path and get us all back home safely. With that in mind a recovery winch was a no brainer so after some quick google searching I settled on the SuperATV 5000lb Winch W/Synthetic Rope.

Upon opening the box I was immediately impressed by the quality, size, and overall appearance.
Being that it is a 5000 pound winch I was surprised/pleased with how small and compact the winch actually was. Specs show a weight of 21lbs.

The winch came with all of the expected fixin’s such as a mounting plate, fairlead, hook, synthetic rope already installed on the drum, wired rocker switch and my favorite, the wireless remote!

The winch fit “like a glove” into my RuffStuff Specialties front bumper and the installation was a piece of cake using the included hardware and wiring harness. (more on this later)

I decided to pair the winch with a Factor55 UltraHook XTV and an XTV Hawse Fairlead. Together they look amazing on the front of the #XP3 and I cannot wait to get out on the trail and get some real world use.

Check back soon for an updated and in depth review of this SuperATV 5000lb Winch.

Click here to get your own! 


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