SuperATV R/T Warrior Tires

Ive been running these SuperATV R/T Warrior Tires and Healy Fast Series wheels for about a month now and Ive had them in just about every condition possible besides dry sand. So far I have been very impressed. I consider myself hard on tires, with a stack of probably 8-10 tires on the side of my garage (from within the last year) either shredded, sidewall puncture or some other factor keeping them from holding air. Ill admit most are probably my fault but the fact remains that I am hard on tires.

I sought out the Warrior tires, R/T specifically based on 3 main reasons; 8 ply construction, Dual Kevlar belts, and a crazy 1″ deep tread depth. I also went with the soft or “sticky” compound which allows the tires to better “form” to the rocks providing even more traction over the harder compound available.

The 32x10R14 size tire that I went with weighs in at 41lbs. My naturally aspirated XP1000 immediately noticed the larger and heavier tires but after a quick clutch weight change they felt right at home and the bigger size LOOKS much more aggressive than stock and allows me more ground clearance.

Running between 6-10psi I have had these tires in just about every condition possible. Snow, snow covered rocks, dry rocks, muddy rocks, mud, dirt, pavement and they have yet too let me down. The traction is unreal and keeps me from beating on the car so hard. Alot of lines that I had a hard time with before I am able to casually crawl up without slipping or loosing traction. The tires cleared exceptionally well in snow and the aggressive tread just kept digging. Same story in the mud and soft dirt, they just hook up and go.

They call it a “Rock” tire but so far its killing all the elements. Ill have updates in the future talking about how these tires are wearing and my overall impressions after more real world use.

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